October 07, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Peerage Partners,

I want to wish each of you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. For our American partners, this is Canada’s annual harvest celebration and, as you do south of the 49th parallel in late November, we focus on family, food, and gratitude – just a lot less football!

However you mark the occasion, I hope you are able to take some time to reflect on our many blessings. We are truly fortunate to live amid such abundance and opportunity, a stark contrast to the circumstances for so many around the world right now. I am especially mindful of all the challenges our partners in Florida currently face in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

Actively practicing gratitude is something that I’m always striving toward. It’s a bit like exercising a muscle – the more you use it the stronger, healthier, and more powerful it becomes.

Personally, I am grateful for everyone in our Peerage family of companies. I am beyond grateful for the passion, intelligence, and work ethic you bring to our companies, and for the contribution that makes to our ongoing success.

My definition of success has evolved over time. When I was younger, it was a much more narrowly – and financially – defined concept. Now, it is increasingly rooted in the remarkable quality of the people with whom I feel so privileged to be associated every day. Together, we have built something very special: We have built a company that allows us to be our best selves as individuals while working together in common purpose. I am very proud of who we are and what we stand for as an organization.

Whatever your Thanksgiving traditions, it is my great hope that you will enjoy family, friends, community, and a sense of well-being. I hope that you take a moment and share in my personal tradition: ceaseless wonder at this great good fortune.

All my best,