Nov 19, 2020



On November 16, 2020, Peerage Capital’s self-storage partner, Vaultra Storage, opened a 260,000 square foot, high-security self-storage facility at 200 Fairbank Avenue in Toronto. This is the first of a number of new-build facilities that Vaultra is constructing in the Greater Toronto Area.

In addition to smart meeting rooms and on-demand workspaces that can be reserved by Vaultra clients, this six-storey, climate-controlled building features full Wi-Fi service, 24-hour access, IP cameras with motion sensors, and dual indoor drive through. It also incorporates a number of flexible, smart workspaces from an individual SmartDesk to a full-equipped, 12-person SmartBoardroom. It is also situated close to the TransCanada Highway (401) and other transportation infrastructure in the GTA.

Shawn Shanmuganathan, Vaultra co-founder and partner noted that the Fairbank site has been designed to provide a seamless and secure extension of clients’ home or business. The demand has increased, he said, as more people are working from home and are in need to create extra space to do that.

Furthermore, he added: “Since COVID-19, businesses have really ramped up their e-commerce capacity. The migration away from a bricks-and-mortar presence has created strong new storage demand. There’s also been a corresponding revision of supply chains and businesses are using storage more strategically in the short- and long-term.”